I just bought a Kramer guitar from my guitar teacher. We looked at the serial number and its a 1985 American made SOMETHING, but we dont know what. The headstock suggests is the "American" model, but the guitar has 2 humbuckers which I can't seem to find on any guitar that kramer sells. It could potentially be a custom or modded body to fit the 2 pickups, but I can't find any American models that have the 2 pickup set up. Anyone know anything that might help?
Got pictures?
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o wow if it is an american made kramer from the 80's that sick i hear those guitars are the sex for shredding
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Woah.. quite unlike any bridge routing i've seen.

The body style looks like a Baretta, but with an HH configuration and without a slanted pickup...

There's someone on here.. i want to say DSOT, who knows a good bit about kramers.

EDIT: You can try here http://www.kramerforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=8
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Yeah I'm somewhere down the line on owners of this guitar, and my teacher and i were looking at the bridge routing and thinking what on earth is all that space for. It now has a floating bridge, but we were unable to figure out what had been there before...

Thanks for the link ^^
yeah I want to see what kind of bridge used to fill that hole

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Has to be 1986 or later due to pointy headstock. Unless the body and neck are from different guitars which it might be. The lower cutaway makes me think Focus body but that could just be the angle.
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It might have been routed for a bigbsy type trem, but I really don't know.

Cool as hell guitar tho, love the color.
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