Seeing as how a set of strings is $30 for me, I am looking into boiling my old ones to maybe restore some of their tone. I heard you should use an old pot because they would ruin the pot and you can't cook in it any more. My friend recommended wrapping them in aluminum foil and then boiling, would this still ruin the pot?
i could be wrong, but common sense tells me wrapping them in foil isn't the best way to approach this. i assume boiling the strings is effective because it removes all the **** on the strings, making them nice and clean as if they were new again.
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I've never heard of boiling strings, but I would think the heat would cause them to soften up and possibly unwind or something else you don't want. I guess you don't have much to lose if you're boiling an old set of strings, I just don't think it will really help either.
You poor bastard. PM me your address, & I'll see if I can hook you up some strings. I mostly get .009-.042 Dean Markleys. (I'm serious. I will try to help)!
Boiling strings
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I dont think this is a very good idea, how often are you changing strings, I know its expensive but you realy dont have to change them that much, only once every other month
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Boiling strings also shortens their life to about 3 hours. They will sound great, but try tuning up more than once.
I got the idea from the Bass FAQ
Find an old cooking pot that will never be used for cooking again and add your strings and water and boil them for 20 minutes. After taking the strings out of the pan, you can remove as much of the water as possible from the string with a lint free cloth and then set them some place warm to dry; or you can bake them in an oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees to remove the water and avoid rust.


And I've been using the same Rotosounds for 8 months (yeah, I know that a long time) but only now have they started actually dying. I've been using string cleaner on them for 8 months and it's not helping anymore.
Are you actually trying to say that you can't afford new strings every few months?
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Are you actually trying to say that you can't afford new strings every few months?

Somewhere along the lines, I prefer only buying a new set for gigs/recordings.