So i bought a new head (120 watt jsx) and im trying to find a cab, i have come across a soldano cab loaded with eminence legend speakers. Anyone played through one of these before? I would have to get it shipped here so i obviously cant try it out first.

My first thought was to get a cab loaded with v30's but i know theyre common so im looking at unique options. Also would these speakers be a good match for a JSX? I play mostly instrumental rock and some psychedelic rock and a little grunge.

Hope theres some Soldano users out there!
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Never used them but I'd imagine they'd be pretty high quality...
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I played through a Soldano 2x12 and it was amazing to say the least. It honestly sounded like a 4x12 it was very bassy and probably one of the best cabs I've tried. I'm pretty sure it was the one you're talking about too.
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yeah its a 4x12 , looks in pretty good shape, never heard eminence speakers before though.

Im waiting to hear back on how expensive shipping will be and ill decide then if its worth it i guess. From what i hear theyre a top notch brand of equipment.
My Gear:

Ibanez Jem
Peavey JSX Head
Soldano 4x12 (white snakeskin)