Poll: 2012 Olympics or 2014 World Cup?
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19 38%
World Cup
31 62%
Voters: 50.
I'm going to be graduating from "university" in a little bit (granted I don't fail out before.. ), and I want to travel when I do, like soo many others have done after. Except I want to go to except I wanna go to something like the World Cup because I think that would be a ridiculous experience in itself. So what do you think pit? Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

2012 Summer Olympics- London. Closer to other countries I would definitely want to check out (especially amsterdam, I know it's not a country). I mean, it's the olympics, like who really cares about that?

2014 World Cup- Brazil. It's the world cup!!!

I know there's a WC in next year but I doubt I can make arrangements now (maybe?), plus my parents don't want me going to south african
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The will have ended by 2014.... OLYMPICS!

jk. But go for the Olympics anyway.

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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
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I would personally go to the World Cup, but that's just because I'm in love with the sport.
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Olympics, only because the world is going to end by the time the world cup comes by

But seriously, I'm in love with soccer, but there is truly nothing like the olympics. Witness history as you get to see Michal Phelp's probably last olympic games. And if you really want to, you can just watch soccer at the olympics and get a similar experience.
I dunno if olympic/world cup soccer is the same. The American team might be fairly developed by then, too. Tickets are going to be a diiime though.
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How many soccer games would you be able to attend. Would you be able to attend the whole series or just the last game?

I would pick the Olympics. So many things to see. Like Curling.
World cup is way more epic for soccer but olympics is more diverse (sports wise not racially)
Olympics! more variety
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You would have more fun in london than brazil.
Hmm, that is actually a tough one. Brazil is the home of the greatest nude beach in the world(so i heard on TV). But London does have.....um....London.
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The world cup for sure, greatest sport on the planet, biggest sporting event on the planet... if ever you wanted to go to africa though, the wc next year would be the best time to go with everyone going over there for that security would be higher and therefore safer, plus lots of people frmo different countries there to meet however brazil will be sweet, i'm going there socceroos ftw