Im getting a new guitar for about 800 dollars and im probably buying used. I love to play metal like slayer metallica megadeth and pantera so it needs good distortion. I have 700 dollars for a amp, so i dont need any suggestions for a new amp. Im wanting to stay in esp. Ive played there guitars and they are awesome. im not to fond of schecters. Im wanting something with a floyd rose. Im thinking maybe a esp ltd jh-600 but i really want emg 81 60.
You guys got any suggestions.
My Gear:

PRS Se Custom 24
Vox Vt 30
Esp Ltd C-301 Bass
Acoustic B100 Bass Amp
Morley Power Wah Bass Pedal
if you want to stick with esp, then check out these. m-1000fm, mh-1000fr, or the ec-1000fr

Jackson Mark Morton Dominion
Mesa Dual Rect 2 Channel
Marshall JCM900 1960 cab
damn you got C-1 and you aint happywith it?? why??

ok here's the idea of getting a Jackson... there plenty of them with good floyd roses... around 800

hmm as for the amp may be get a valveking stack and change the tubes...? and put a distortion infronta it and there you go
or buy the b-52 combo?