alright well i have been looking at videos for a lot of all tube amplifiers a lot of big names, such as Vox AC series, Fender Twins, and when i go to shows and hear the bands play with there marshall stacks i really dont like there tone at all. I am playing a spider III *flameshield* but in all seriousness is it possible that i could really have ruined my ear for tone, or maybe the tone those amps provide is just different from what im looking for/like. I play punk, ska, and metal, along with some blues too.
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You really shouldnt be worried about ruining your ear for tone. If you really like the spider 3 sound, than you just like that "hot, on fire" digital sound.

But in all seriousness, I'd check out the spider valves.

They arent really much like the spider 3's , they have all the presets and modeling options your amp has, but their tubes.

In my opinion, they sound "epic"
Tone is whatever you like. If you like your spiders tone, then keep until one morning you wake up and honestly tell yourself you don't like it. I find I need to play the amp myself in order to like it sometimes. They might be terrible at EQing, or you might not like the settings they have. Don't be worried, your ear will deveplope eventually.
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Well, you should probably count out youtube videos, unless maybe they are recorded with a nicer set up than a camera and put on in high quality. Even then there is compression and blah.

What kind of live bands are you seeing? Most live bands in my area have "MARSHALL STACKS DUDE!" meaning an MG100DFX or whatever.

It's quite possible that the amps you listed just don't suit your ear. Tone is subjective. I personally love Vox and Fender cleans, but my friend hates them.

Check out....Mesa maybe. That might suit you
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you haven't 'ruined' your ears. not every tone is going to be pleasing to you especially if it's not your style. i personally don't like the sound of a lot of marshalls either, and though a spider III isn't great, as you know, it's not the end of the world that you have one, and hopefully sometime you'll find another amp that suits you and sounds better.
i dont like the tone of a spider that much either haha
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Dont worry, ive seen many bands with **** tones.

Some bands have to share equip when there are many on the bill to save time + space. So it happens
like the other dude said, try a mesa. those are badass. Try some peaveys. Peavey vypers have a pretty high rep. everyone has thier own thing for tone man.
well i ****ing loved a whole **** load of the tube modeling amps, the vyper tube was awesome, i also really like the Vox AT and AD series. i just thought it was kinda of weird that i didnt like just a regular all tube amp.
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you havent ruined you ear for tone, doubt thats even possibe unless you have gone completely deaf. if you like your amp, good for you. i dislike amps other love, and love amps others dislike. aint being human great?
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