Alright I'm thinking of getting this machine and it's a 4 track stereo. I noticed that there are only two VU level moniters and only two mic inputs. Does this mean that I can only record two tracks? thanks!
My guess is you can only record two tracks at a time. You can record the tracks from two sources in stereo, or one source in mono. Stereo will take up two, mono will take up one, of course.

Of course, you can record up to 4 tracks -total-. Just not at the same time.
So if I decide to record 2 tracks at once, then decide to rewind and record two more tracks at once, the first session of recording two tracks won't be erased? I'm just fearing buying the thing and once having 2 phenominal tracks down, then decided to record two more, I'll erase my previous efforts.
I'm afraid that could happen. Do you have the money to get a 8 track recorder? that will still give you 6 tracks, and two in stereo. What you could do though is get some free software like Reaper or Kristal and once you have recorded you two awesome tracks, put them on to your computer, delete them for the recording machine and record two more, put them on the computer, this way you can mix things better as well.
so really a 4 track stereo recorder really only records up to two tracks? i don't really have the money or the need to get an 8 track recorder. My band only consists of three people and i was thinking of recording on the instruments on one track and the vocals on the other if i only have the option of recording two tracks. i guess it would sound a little less clear, but i've read that it gives recordings a much more "live" or exciting feeling
don't do that, it won't sound as good. record each track then put each track onto a cmputer and mix them together on there, you could record your two tracks of vocals, then two tracks of guitars, try this out. what make and model of recorder is this? i will try to find more out for you.
My original plan was to actually record everything on the recorder then put it on the computer to add a layer of reverb. I wouldn't mind trying your strategy, but wouldn't it be kind of difficult to say, record the drums first, then try to match up the other tracks along with it. In some respects the timing from one track to the other wouldn't mesh up tempo wise because there really isn't a click track.

It's actually a Sanyo MR-909. It's from the early '60s so I guess that's the reason why it's not quadrophonic. Will it really sound bad? I know the beatles recorded on a two track recorder for Please Please Me and listening to it now it sounds better than sgt. pepper, imo.
oh yea it's a reel to reel tape recorder. i'm pretty sure that it records at one speed, too..which is fine with me.
i thought it was all digital. then you should have four tracks to record on, two stereo, or four mono, or it could be two tracks stuck to the left and two tracks to the right and when you use them both it turns to stereo.
i'm sorry to ask again, but does this mean that if i go back to record my third track (i have up to 2 channels that i can use at a time) that nothing should be erased?
i think so, all i know is that with modern digital recorders, with an 8 track, you only get to use 4 or 6 of the tracks then you have two stereo tracks.
^How is that the case? When you have an 8 track, you can record 8 tracks layered, without any erasing.

EDIT: And do you actually know what a stereo track is ? Because how would an 8 track recorder give you 6 mono ins, and two stereo tracks?
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fridge_raider, with an 8 track recorder you don't get to use all 8 tracks to record, only 4 of them. because if it has two stereo tracks, they use up two whole tracks each, for the left and right input.
Alright, so I bought the machine and it works alright (except that it doesn't rewind, which isn't too much of a problem), however does anyone know how to flip the reels over in order to record/listen to the other side of the tape (think of side A and side B on a cassette)? I've been racking my brain and the only solution i can come up with is just physically removing the tape from the wheel and rewounding it on the otherside which would be a pain. Does anyone have an idea?
Reel 2 reels are pretty serious.

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You should look it up on the internet before you do anything, if you do something wrong, it could cost a lot to repair it.
I've been doing quite a bit of research but the descriptions are never quite detailed. Most of them are just "...and flip the tape over, then..." which doesn't really help me out. It wouldn't suck too if the tape wasn't recorded at some slower (or maybe higher) speed that way I could tell if I were on the other side (hearing chimpmunks over and over gets pretty repetative)
I really have no idea what you can do, i don't want to say something that could break the thing. Try and find a book about it or look on Wikipedia about it.
okay so my inateness as far as the reel to reel is getting better. i'm pretty good with it now but the only problem is that whenever i try to record in the second channel and play it back i hear nothing! even when i record i notice that the VU indicator isn't really moving. since this is an old model could it just be a bad tube? thanks guys for all your help