Phew, long time since I posted here. Okay, a little background on how this (partial) song came to be...It's sorta (heavily) inspired by Iron Maiden. I've been watching and listening to Flight 666 almost nonstop since I bought it a couple weeks ago, and I seem to just have the Maiden style drilled into my brain.

It all started with the riff at measure 50. I just started playing it one night and decided it'd be cool, but it doesn't seem to fit well at the beginning of a song. So I've basically been working towards it all day, and I've come up with some pretty cool stuff. As you will see, where it is marked "Chorus", there's nothing until measure 50, that's because this is still a work in progress and I haven't quite decided on a chorus riff yet.

I just want some feedback on what I've got so far, because I think I got something pretty good hear. And if anything seems to be 'taken' from a Maiden song, it's merely by coincidence. This song's inspired by Maiden, not stolen from, so (as I said), if some things sound the same, it isn't on purpose. To tell the truth, I haven't heard much outside of the Fear of the Dark album and what's on Flight 666.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, hopefully it's positive, constructive, and encouraging
Oh, and I'll c4c on this.

(ps, wow, it really has been a while since I posted here...UG finally added upload support for Guitar Pro file extensions, sweet.)
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If you keep up where I think you're headed with this, it should be great. I love intro pt. 3, very Maideny. This reminds me a lot of the stuff off A Matter of Life and Death. The one thing I would suggest is putting a chord in the 2/4 measure before intro pt. 3; the drum fill just seems out of place to me. Honestly, I really like this. 7/10, keep up the good work.

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I listened to the song in Windows Media Player, so i'll be using time references instead of the sections from guitar pro.

0:00-0:23 doesn't lead well into the next part imo.

I think this part of the song goes very well with the title.

This part fits very well here and is prolly my favorite riff outta the whole piece. My only complaint is that it felt like the song stopped and started because of the drum intro to this part.

This part was lead into very well by the previous part, very nice. I like how this part sort of leads back to the part at 0:24

A nice riff, however the part before it did not lead well into it at all.

Just a riff in my eyes, nothing to special to here. Seems like a filler.

Nice riff here, nuff said.

Starts of sounding like a siren, no doubt due to its midi format. I really like the rhythm part that is in the background here. The lead is very well done.

2:15-the end
Not a big fan of that beat/riff or the high pitched squeal.

Overall it still does seem like a work in progress. I feel that the further in the song I got the less it felt like the same song.

Not sure if you want to just listen or crit as well but my music is in my sig
thanks for the feedback. I'll take a gander at your songs in a moment.
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As I listen:

Intro: I like Pt. 1. It's got a cool Killers vibe to it. Part 2 sounds pretty epic, though run of the mill Maiden. It's still cool though and it'll be better if you harmonize it. I agree with the guys above. Part 3 seems like a nod to The Duelists though I could be wrong.

Verse 1: This needs some melody over it. It's a pretty generic progression (Maiden's used it at least 20 times) and you need to differentiate yourself from Maiden a little more.

Pre Chorus: This is the melody the song needs. Just add a good anthemic chorus to go after it.

Post chorus and on: It's all just okay really. Nothing bad but nothing that really jumps out at me either. Work on making things more interesting in that section. The solo is pretty good. Nothing special but it was still well done. The squeals afterwards will be fine though if you have a good riff afterwards.
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hey, thanks for the suggestions!
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