This is a piece I started working on yesterday. It´s just a doodle, without any predefined structure and is probably not really finished, but anyway. It´s in my profile. linky-tinky

I´m mainly looking for criticism & thoughts structurewise. I somehow can´t get rid of the feeling that the andante-movement (0:00 to 2:08) should be the second movement of a piece rather than the first as it is now. Dunno what would be before it.

Also intrested in wether the B-part (2:20) of the allergro movement feels to sudden, and if perhaps the pizzicato section (0:00-0:36) is too short.

Anyhow, just want to know what people think about it so far, and wether anything feels awkard structurewise, except that it´s awfully short atm.

The mixing is a bit meh at times and the attack is a bit too low on some part, I can´t seem to get everything working properly.

Writing was done in Sibelius, synth is miroslav philharmonik.

C4C ofc, might take some time to get to you though, travelling as of tomorrow.

EDIT: 2:00 got a little ****ed up when I re-imported a track from sibelius.
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