It seems like a good amp; tone, volume, and price wise, but I've read terrible reviews about reliability. Just looking for more opinions. Please only leave one if you own the amp. Thanks.
I own the vypyr 30
basically the vypyr line has two big reliability issues, but both of them can be managed fairly easily.
The first of these is software issues. However, keeping the amp's software up-to-date using what's available on Peavey's website, your amp should be bug free
The second issue is overheating. Obviously, this can be managed by keeping the amp cool. I haven't had any issues with it, which is saying something since I live in CA (where is 2,000 degrees here in the summer) and I play the amp for an average of 2 hours a day
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and +1 to prsrulz91
but my cuz never had the overheating issue
but im in NY so its not that hot here.
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