Well, I haven't recently progressed much in my guitar playing. I think the hardest song I know is Laid to Rest, and I still haven't got it up to speed yet. I pretty much never practice scales or exercises, and the VERY few times I have I stopped after a few minutes in boredom. I want to commit more to actual practicing. Can you guys help me to make a practice schedule, and give me some good exercises/songs to learn?
Thanks a lot.
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try challenging yourself a little bit with harder songs not to hard but just a little. when youve conquered a song progress onto a harder song
sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want to see significant progress, you are going to have to practice exercises for longer than a few minutes. Try doing said scales/exercises with a backing track. It makes practicing much less boring if there's music behind it, and if you find yourself getting hella bored, you can go off on an awesome sololing tangent to get the boredom out. I have ADD, and this helps keep me in focus when practicing scales
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make the 1-2-3-4 pattern up to the 12th fret (12-13-14-15). it goes something like

then do it back to fret one. then instead of 1234 do 4321, then 1324, then 4231, 1243,2143,2134, etc- then do it skipping strings.


^^that, in all the string with any pattern. do everything up to fret 12 and back. in a short time you will be faster, more accurate and you will play cleaner.

EDIT-NOTE: yeah, i know it's boring, but if you want to progress.....

and about songs, anything is good. learn whatever you like. you'll learn something new from any song (a phrase, some scale, some weird chord, etc). in the end, just enjoy it.

EDIT: also, all exercises must be done at a comfortable speed, and this applies to every single exercise, so get a metronome and find your top comfortable speed. every week, try to add some 10bpm. if you're comfortable with that, keep it and now practice like that. if not, then check if you got any faster and practice at the new speed.

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I love the 1234 exersize, hurts like hell and i can only manage 85 bpm (1/16 notes), but im improving greatly because of it
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I love the 1234 exersize, hurts like hell and i can only manage 85 bpm (1/16 notes), but im improving greatly because of it

Then stop.
Do some light stretching with your hands and arms, sort your posture out and slow waaaay down. Don't wanna risk doing any permanent damage to yourself
Freepower has some good vids on this kinda thing.
Along with the 1-2-3-4 excersizes (which I'm gonna actually pickup!) do the 'spider crawl'. Its' a chromatic execersize that trains your hand to work with itself and helps with overall smoothness and truly individual finger command. (aka you can move your pinky without your ring adjusting much and same for other fingers)

Finger pick the excersize, middle on B, thumb on A, index on G

b- 1---4---3---2
g----0---0---0---0 over and over again
a- 3---2---1---4

Doing this while moving all four fingers (so that you aren't resetting each time, your fingers should be ready to play the new notes right away) will stretch your muscles out in your hand that will give much greater finger independence which is a nececity to being able to pick up any song and learning it.