Forgive me if this is simple / stupid, but I'm at a loss here-

Say, if I'm playing some bass and I've got an (bass) octave pedal running in my effects line, I might stomp on it and get that lower octave playing underneath my dry signal. Now, can this signal get low enough to damage my cab, or is it regulated by the pedal / my amp?

Same with a pedal's volume. If I engage a switch on on a distortion pedal and the volume's pretty up there, that could potentially be too much input for my cab, right? Or should I only worry if the clipping monitor on the amp starts going off?

Thanks guys.
Question One: It's possible, but probably more unlikely since the lower octave isn't part of the dry signal

Question Two: idk
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If the pedal is designed for bass, and to be used with a bass amp, and you are playing a bass through a bass amp, it should be ok.
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