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Bbuy Marshall cab and use with my current combo then buy a head later.
0 0%
Buy a b52 at 112 combo instead of a halfstack
6 100%
Voters: 6.
I've heard it would work but I wonder how would it sound. The acoustic amp is really nice. My dad got one for Christmas one time and I've been using it with the metal muff and some other pedals it sounds great. The metal muff sounds way better on the acoustic amp than my fender amp. I love the sound I get with my acoustic amp but it is not loud enough. Way to solve the problem. Buy an amp cab. People told me that they would not know how it will sound though I think my amp sounds real good right now. I would eventually buy a head later for the amp. Or instead I could get a b52 at 112 combo. I of know if I should get a combo or a halfstack. !!! Remember I will buy a good amp head by christmas when I get enough money but I just don't knwo if te cab is right for now.

Edit: in the amp manual it says it will work and sound fine with any external speaker cab. Reasons to buy a halfsack save up and buy an awesome halfstack instead if a ok combo amp. Reason two a halfstack looks awesome

Sorry about the spelling on the poll. I'm on my iPod and everything gets messed up.
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Reason two a halfstack looks awesome

There's about your only understandable reason for a halfstack. Just had to get that out of the way, because no one really NEEDS a halfstack, but like you said if you think it looks cool and its what gets you off then ok

As far as hooking your acoustic combo up to a cab...it will NOT make it louder. A hair in percieved volume change might occur, but there's deffinitely not more power flowing through that signal path.

As far as the sound is concerned...if you're using an electric guitar through your acoustic amp already then Im not really sure what to tell ya because electrics dont sound that good through acoustic amps to me to begin with. If you're using an acoustic guitar then you might be dissapointed because the acoustic amp is built with a high frequency horn, or tweeter, which helps bring out the high end detail of an acoustic guitar's sound and overtones. Now instead you're using 12" electric guitar speakers designed for break up so you lose a lot when you play an acoustic through speakers like that.

As far as using an electric guitar through your mentioned setup thats just something you'll have to try and see if it sounds good to you or not because to me thats an off and uncommon situation. One thing thats for sure though is that you should NOT expect your amp to be louder just because you're using a cab