Hey everyone, this is the third song my band wrote together. we just finished it up today. its a progressive metalcore song kinda like the last one i posted. influenced by protest the hero a plea for purging btbam. The drums and bass are pretty plain. and bars 126-141 are a mess...we still arent sure what we want there yet. so any ideas appreciated. C4C. COLORSS
TRACK 4.zip
Sick stuff!

I love that intro, and I'm glad you came back to it again towards the end. Next section is insane no doubt, but watch your drumming, you come up with some sweet rhythms for sure but work on not using your bass drum just to heavy out the song.

The next few sections focus on varying tempo feels and dynamics and that's awesome, it really makes it a lot more interesting. Playing some melodies in thirds (bar 63) works great!

SLIDEY BREAKDOWN - sick stuff; I suggest a vibrato on the F# (bar 157). Nice program change to organ at bar 186 too. I would end the song a bit more strongly, perhaps have all the instruments playing that C...

I probably sound like I don't listen to metalcore much (because I don't lol), but the fact that I enjoyed your song when I don't like the genre in general goes to show what a great comp you made.
thanks for the crit..we still haent decided wat to do with those bars 126 141? we don't just wanna do the chords in sixteenths like that we want something interesting to build up to the slidey breakdown
I'd love to listen/crit this just from looking at your influences.

Could I convince you to export a Gp4 version and upload it? :]