Nothing ... that was f***ing epic!

EDIT: How many times have you posted that video here?
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Damned epic,

I suggest one thing though...

Learn 'dem blues and more specifically, better phrasing. You played extremely well and in-time but the phrasing was just pretty straight.
use a metronome!!!!!!

LOL im just playing that was pretty epic dude keep it up mann
****in nice! i'd really focus on learning as many chords as you can. NOBODY can know enough different chords, and there are thousands.

+ blues.
Not to be too blunt, but it was kinda... bland. It was impressive playing and all, but boring to listen to.

Technical abilities wise, I find no problems. Work on your phrasing. That does not necessarily mean blues playing, but it's worth some investigating.
I've seen no one seriously picku p blues and say 'this isn't worth a damn'.

Blues teaches great phrasing, and aids in chord-lead play which is pretty crucial (IMO) to any lone guitarist in a band. Plus it seems it'll open the gate to a new world for him to explore and get down and broaden his horizons.

I'm not saying you have to dig the blues, TC, but give the genre a shot, learn some Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, hell even Gilmour and the likes and pickup the blues from them. the blues is pretty simple. Minor pentatonic and minor pentatonic with added 4ths and some basic theory to apply to chords is usually all it is, but the way its' phrased is what makes blues so powerful and makes it so different.
well... your playing skills are seemingly on par with buckethead, gilbert, etc. First off I don't think you need to worry about playing tech anymore (which im pretty sure your aware of, this is more of a promotional thing im guessing) but... I have listened to your music and it is as im sure you've been told similar to buckethead at points and is impressive, i don't think anyone can deny that... Im a huge buckethead fan, but there is a point where you can become so abstract and unstructured that music just turns into technical noodling, noodling that rapes just about anyone on ug and can be appreciated by fellow ug'ers but not so much by non guitarist and it seems your are at times approaching/hitting that point... yes this vid was a demo of your skills but im talking about the actual songs on your myspace. so a lack of structure can be a problem if you want to make money off your obvious talent

So the only thing i can say is build more structure in your songs, possibly study theory and maybe even take actual classes on it if you haven't already @ a college in your area (hell community college is fine all you need is more understanding and it'd save you some cash). I think if you were to developing structure @ times can be boring when you have great playing skills, but its important if you want acceptance musically which i imagine your trying to get because i see you pop up just about everywhere now and then. I wouldn't say study blues... id say just focus on making a formula based song (intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo...) even if its entirely instrumental and build up from there just to develop your songs even further. im sure you've looked @ bucketheads songs but to me the best ones (soothsayer, jordan, I could go on for a page...) have an awesome riff or two that he brings back over a few times which is what i think you need to do. Your awesome and don't let anyone make you think otherwise.
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So the only thing i can say is build more structure in your songs

pretty much. with skills like that, you could probably go become a studio musician with no trouble at all. but no professional music act can really turn stuff like that video into a song and have it be interesting for more than a minute and a half (besides dragonforce, maybe. but thats because they do it in such a way that it never really gets boring).

with shredding like that you could write and play just about anything and make it sound decent. just don't write a 10 minute long solo.
Is it just me or is the title "warm up exercise" and not "wonderfully phrased song"? Sounds to me like it was supposed to be fingerboard acrobatics?

On topic: This is a very slight flaw, but I can still hear it a bit. With the first downward run, every time you go to the top of the shape again you can hear a slight pause, then the three notes in the pattern are faster. If you could even tha out to make it seem like one solid stream of notes instead of bursts of 3 and 6, that would make it sound more polished.
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:earn to play without the effects. I haven't bothered to listen to any other video, but I'd like to see how clean your technique is without the massive delay and reverb
Wonderfully phrased is kinna....well...not true? It keeps great time but it just seems like up-down-up-down really fast. Not beat skips, no off beats, no 'chuck' of muting strings, no rhythm beat he creates except for a metronome like lead.

While it is a warmup, phrase and structure in his songs need work. Great technical player, learn some theory and you're set.
I know wat will make u a better guitarist....speed
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pretty much. with skills like that, you could probably go become a studio musician with no trouble at all.

Thanks!Tht's what my ambition is......i took a layoff from playing for a couple years and am seriously trying to build my skills up to my full potential again...
you can shred. but so can everybody else. kinda boring. sounds cool. but apparently you've been spamming this video over UG for awhile now, which is lame.