Late. Thought I would do something different this week; I had another list planned which would of been typical of me, but my current mood inspired me to deviate from that path. This mix is composed of jarring industrial metal and a couple of tracks from two post-punk/noise rock bands whose sounds were precursors to the industrial metal genre. If you're not in the mood you will hate this:


JUL 3 LucasGtrGod
JUL 10 Scourge441
JUL 17 duncang
JUL 24 CG Man16
JUL 31 The Kreator
AUG 7 jaaaaa
AUG 14 SeveredSurvival
AUG 21 eazy-c
I love industrial and definitely don't have enough.

Will check out after Acid Bath.
Philosophy > Life
Never heard industrial metal before and this is actually rather good.
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