Kind of new to modding. I wanna wire LED's into my pickguard. Nothing fancy. I just dont know if i can just wire it straight into the circuit or do I need some kind of resistor.

Opinions or feedback much obliged.

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I did that a few months ago. The cool part about circuits with lights is that you don't need to add any additional components, besides a battery and a switch, However, if you do add components, you will have different lighting effects. Resistors may dim or brighten the light, badly soldered joints will also affect your light acting as a kind of resistor. A potentiometer would be really cool actually, you could dial the brightness in.
No, there is no power source. Same reason why you cant just plug headphones into your guitar's output jack. i put leds on my pickguard by building a simple circuit with a battery, a switch, and a strip of leds. I put the battery where my tremolo springs are on the back of my guitar and i ran the cable to where the pickups were. Drilled a hole for the switch and put the leds next to the bridge with the cables coming out from the side of a humbucker.

You must build a circuit seperate from your guitars.
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But could I just wire the leds into the actual guitar's circuitry?

Sure, but they won't do anything unless something goes very very wrong with your amp; and then those LEDs would be the last thing you ever saw :-(

Unless you have a guitar with active electronics--then you could tap off that battery; but you'd be changing batteries more often.
Okay, so if I used a 9volt for eight or nine LED's would I need a resistors and how long would you estimate the battery life?

There are different kinds of LEDs that require different amounts of power. But for the general purpose of LEDs, a 9volt will power as many as you need for a long while(your not leaving the lights on all day are you? lol).
first off, stop bumping your thread. second off, ive answered this many times. you can do a search to find the different ways that myself and others have come with to do this. my ideas are a bit unconventional (but should work) so look at how others have done it as well.