Poll: Cucumbers: Yeigh or Neigh?
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Good heavens, Yeigh!
70 69%
Neigh, sire.
32 31%
Voters: 102.
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I love cucumbers....
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black

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I hate cucumbers.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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yea venezula is just the richest country in the world...
FUCK NO! God I've hated cucumbers ever since this bitch of a day-care teacher made all the kids in my class have them every day. That was terrible.
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Hellz yeah!
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I love you

Who's in a bunker?
Who's in a bunker?
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And the children first
And the children
Definitely no, but they do make for good sight humor.
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theyre amazing

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i LOOOVVVVVEEEE cucumbers.

especially with some lemon juice and chili powder. yummmmmmm.
Go Veg.
I always eat subway when I work and I put them on my sandwiches. It adds a tasty crunch. mmmmmmmmm
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yes. with a little lime, salt, and red chili powder (the mexican solution for anything really) they are delicious.
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watery vegetables? sure...

Good thing they aren't vegetables. They're fruits!
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I love you

Who's in a bunker?
Who's in a bunker?
Women and children first
And the children first
And the children
I thought it was yay, but yeah cucumbers rock!
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cucumbers are awesome!
I never knew you could eat cucumbers with so many other ingredients. I'll have to try some of these recipies
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I like it when cucumbers are in my mouth.
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I like it when cucumbers are in my mouth.

That, coupled with your avatar... Pretty sure you're probably a guy, though.
For eating or...?

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****in' cucumbers.
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They're aight.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

i like to masturbate with them.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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You have balls. I like balls....(awkward silence)

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I waited for the rape.


...but the rape never came
I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber. So please don't take me to the... pickle bar.
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i like to masturbate with them.

....you can eat them too.

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Get To Da Choppa!
depends on whether im eating it.....

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Lmao pantera? you'd think obama listened to some tupac or something
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Good thing they aren't vegetables. They're fruits!

Are you shitting me?
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