Does anyone know of any 100% sound transparent fabrics and where to buy them?

Im looking to cover my grill cloth on my 4x12 cab with such fabric with a logo or some design on it much like they do here www.eloquentcreative.com only much cheaper.

Also would a place like Kinkos be able to print a design/logo on a fabric like that with a large ink jet printer? because silk screen printing would effect the sound transparency.

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amps and cabs are usually covered in tolex

i think he means over the front of the cab, in front of the speakers
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i think he means over the front of the cab, in front of the speakers


it will cover the grill cloth

and i dont think canvas is very transparent

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maybe if i had someone to spin the floss into a sheet...

even still i dont know how well sound would pass through it.

there was a guy who printed a whole heap of pigs onto something and put it over the grill, i thought it was canvas.
It's called acoustic cloth.

You can buy it in rolls from Car Audio places etc as they use it to conceal speakers under parcel shelves in cars and so on.

You could also put some sort of logo on that if you wish.
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I thought about making a "guitar jacket" one time out of military canvas, but I never did it. Yep, had very little to do with the idea in question but thought I would share haha
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