just checkin with my order i just made from stewmac about things.

I have a hss strat and the second tone knob pot broke, so i got a new 250k pot from there? that good? then i got three chrome knobs. 1 6mm for the pot from stewmac, and 2 1/4" for the standard pots. this good? will the knobs be physically different size?

and then i got two black pickup covers.

what do yall think of my color scheme also. its a black strat with white pickguard, hss. Im gonna have the 2 single coils with the black covers on em, and leave the humbucker white. then im gonna have three chrome knobs, since the bridge and input jack are chrome also.

do yall think thisll work well?
sounds good to me. i don't know about the different pot size, but i think stewmac's site lists exactly how large their pots are, an it would be easy to find out how large a strat's pots normally are.

i've heard it's pretty easy to change pickup covers on single coils, too. so i think you're all good