our band got a message from "http://www.binarysounds.com/default.aspx" on myspace saying:

binary sounds wants to license your music to be a part of our independent music catalog. It is free to you, completely nonexclusive, and you get paid every time someone downloads your music.

binary sounds is a unique music company, run in partnership with students nationwide. As part of our catalog, you and your music can be selected by individual students that will promote and sell your music for you! As part of our catalog, you are also eligible for, development and record deals with binary sounds, and to be featured on our website.

For more information, and to add your music to our catalog, please visit http://www.binarysounds.com/Artists.aspx. Click on the “Artist” section for more details. Feel free to reply if you have any questions. Yes, this is coming from a REAL PERSON!


i just wanted to know if its legit or not? what are ya'lls opinions?

(Also if this is in the wrong section, sorry)
Research them. Google, muckity, whatever, and find out if they are for real, than reply to that "email" (message)
Reply to it asking some questions about them. It seems kind of iffy to me, but it might be legit.
Of course it's legit. It says so right in the email.

Seriously though, overwhelming odds are that:

1) It's a totally legit service - or at the very least, this guy is trying to build a totally legit service.

2) He doesn't actually know anything about you or your music. Scratch that, he probably spent thirty seconds scanning through lyrics or YouTube clips.

3) He sent out hundreds of these emails to other users.

4) You're not actually going to get paid, because nobody is going to want to liscence your song. Nothing to do with you mind you ... it just doesn't really work that way.

If a director wants to use a song for, say a commercial, first they're going to try to go for something well-known. They're trying to build a name for their car, razor, search engine, or whatever, and the best way to do that is to connect their new product to something we already know. If GM decides to start making motorcycles, they're going to want to use Born to Be Wild or something from Easy Rider to make us think that they've been there through the golden age of freedom and open roads.

If the director is an indy guy, or if they have a small budget, they might go with a song from a band they already like. Failing that, the next step is to find somebody through their advertising agencies. They'd need to be pretty hard up for material to start scouring internet pages looking for random songs to use. And at that point, their budget would be so low that you'd be looking at a really small paycheck - assuming they don't just hire someone to write something for them.

I know a guy who had a song liscenced a while ago. He regularly gets cheques for like, a dollar per financial quarter. That's 4 bucks a year!

Basically the only way to make money liscensing your music is to either know a guy that can lucksack you into a huge project, or to write songs for advertising agencies.

I'd say if you want to try a go at writing jingles, do it! It's not selling out unless it keeps you from making the music that you really love. Otherwise, don't hold your breath. It'd be about the same odds as an NBA scout recruiting you to play for the Lakers. When he watches you play a game of pickup in the park.
They have a fairly large list of artists they claim to represent with contact info.

Maybe contact a couple of these artists and ask them about this group and what they do/provide as a service.