ok so i spend a ton of time practicing fundamentals and techniques etc sweeping alternate picking etc. this is all good and dandy but how do i turn this stuff into a style? lead style specifically. i have no idea how people sit there and just play off the top of their heads in their own style. basically how do i put the pieces of the puzzle together?
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well if you are just new on improvising solos you probably want to start off doing basic minor pentatonic licks..

but i hate when people do this... they memorize like 5 scales but they dont know anything about them... like they dont know how to create licks using the scales or they dont know how to combine scales... whats the point in learning scales if you dont know how to use them

you have to take things in steps...learn a scale..then learn licks...then make the licks different...then make your own licks...then go to another scale...

if you want to start improvising you have to start to listen to music that has the techniques that you want to improvise with... when you listen to a specific track you can study how the artist uses the lick and you can get a feel on how to use that lick or technique...
basically how do i put the pieces of the puzzle together?

You play. You play what you want to play, the way you want to play it. You take the sounds that you like the most and develop them.