Poll: Were you allowed to try alcohol as a child?
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90 81%
13 12%
I bought my own damn alcohol.
8 7%
Voters: 111.
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my parents never drank that often but when they did, they would give me a sip of their drink if i asked for it. they never gave me more than a sip, but i dont remember ever wanting more than that as it always tasted terrible.

looking back, my dad did drink coors so i was probably right...
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hell no. I'd get whooped. hard.

to this day i don't drink though, even though i'm of legal age. i just don't like the taste.
Yeah, I have had wine at Christmas, Easter and family get togethers since I was about eight. I have beer every now and then as well, courtesy of my parents (usually no more than one or maybe two).

Also, when I was a kid, my dad's friend made his own alcohol. He kept moonshine in 7-Up bottles, and rum in Coke bottles. Guess who got into it...

That was horrible.
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Yes. When I was like 10 they would ask me if I would go get them a beer and then they would let me have a drink of it. My dad also gave me my first (and only) shot of whiskey. Yeah they weren't too good of parents sometimes, but the finally sobered up. Thank God.
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Always a sip but never really much more.

Aunts uncles and cousins on the other hand....
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Not until maybe last year. My dad gave me a sip of beer, and it was gross anyway. I also tried a sip of whiskey from my friend and that was disgusting too.

Needless to say, I don't drink.
i had beer when i was small and when i get my mom some wine i take a sip every now and them
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My mom always offers a bit of her margaritas or whatever, but they taste like Sasquatch's dick, so I stay away from it. Alcohol is nasty.

Weed FTW!
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yes, so ive been drinkin since i was 13...Id call myself an alcoholic, but i dont plan on quitting...a 17 year old drunk o.O weird saying that out loud
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My mother started getting me package store runs when I turned 18, plus it was in moderation (when she was home).
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My parents probably prefer me when I'm drunk.
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Yeah, I think it's pretty common.

I remember my dad giving me sips of his beer. I HATED the taste, but I think it's actually a good parenting technique so that underage kids grow up already disliking the taste of beer.

Of course, often when kids become teenagers they start drinking anyways though...

EDIT: If we're talking drinking around parents after we hit 14 or 15 years old, hell no. I had an attack of pancreatitis at around 17, which pretty much means no more alcohol at all for me ever.

Before the pancreatitis, they would've kicked my ass if they saw/heard about me drinking. Nowadays (I'm almost 19 now), my dad says its okay to have half a beer or 1 beer at a party with my friends, but I still don't since all the doctors I've talked to recommend me to stay away from alcohol permanently.
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I'm 15, and I just finished my bottle of Jack Daniel's my dad bought me...

DirtyEdit: Coors tastes like water...

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Only sips, but that's ok. You aren't supposed to drink when you're 7 years old. <.<
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yeah, every once in a while. i was mostly curious because of all the adults fussing over it despite its intriguingly repulsive taste.

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I had my first sip of alcohol when I was about nine; it was champagne from my mom's glass, and I thought it was disgusting.

Nowadays, I get wine from my parents every once in a while, since we're Jewish and most Jewish holidays call for the drinking of copious amounts of Manischewitz.
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^What kind of religious were your parents? None of the mainstream religions that I know of forbid alcohol consumption.
I had champagne with orange juice on Christmas day. That was surprising because my mom never lets me have alcohol. Although when I go to parties I smell of booze so I just say I had one beer even though I have quite a bit more.
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^What kind of religious were your parents? None of the mainstream religions that I know of forbid alcohol consumption.

Look where I'm from. Put two and two together.
did anyone else's parents give them alchohol to put them to sleep as a child? i know alot put some on the pacifir but my mom actually mixed a little rum into my formula
Yes I sipped my moms Kahlua and beer when I was younger. Nasty Michelob Ultra though. I've told her tons of times to stop drinking pisswater and get some Stella Artois or something with a decent taste. Now I get buddies to get me booze but I did get drunk on my moms birthday with her. I've even let her sip my Captain before
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Dad let me have a sip when I was young and mum let me have a glass of champagne, but other than that, they didn't want me drinking anything... then I got smashed off my face with my friend and they found out. They were really cool about it, though. No yelling, stern voices or anything, just 'lecturing'.
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yes, so ive been drinkin since i was 13...Id call myself an alcoholic, but i dont plan on quitting...a 17 year old drunk o.O weird saying that out loud

Get help please.
Yeah, my dad offered me some of his wine occasionally, but I actaully remember declining his offer.
I don't know why though.
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yes, so ive been drinkin since i was 13...Id call myself an alcoholic, but i dont plan on quitting...a 17 year old drunk o.O weird saying that out loud

You say that like you think it's cool or something.
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