Hey UGers. I just bought a guitar from a friend for $50. It's a Brownsville ls200.
It has:
-Basswood body
-Flamed maple top
-Maple neck w/ rosewood fretboard.
-24 frets
-hss config

I just couldn't pass it up, so i decided i'd make a project out of it.

I want something pretty versatile to go with the hss and basswood setup. I want to be able to play most things with it from jazz to blues to shred. But mainly i want it to cover as close as i can to the strat like tones that are hard to do with my humbucker, mahogany esp guitar. Main tone i'm going for here is Gilmour, Comfortably numb tone.

So what do you guys suggest for pickups. My other gear is in my sig.
I'm in the same boat right now. Cheap $50 (peavey raptor). Thinking of putting SSL 1's in the neck and middle (gilmour). Not sure what to do about the humbucker.
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what about Dimarzios D-activators? pretty good all round pickups, especially for the various types of rock and metal.

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