im giving away a first act me501 guitar, ibanez ds7 distortion pedal, dod stereo chorus fx-65, 2 cables, and a guitar stand

in return im getting an ibanez grx20 and a matrix guitar amp
ive never heard of matrix but the amp is a 2x8 or 2x10 SS combo. im guessing it is about 40 watts

i already have a peavey classic 30 so i wouldnt be using the amp as my main thing.

is this a good deal?
im probably gonna sell the ibanez, as im not into heavy metal guitars.

i dont think i can get more than 100 bucks for my guitar and pedals. i would think the ibanez would sell for about 80 bucks and i would be able to sell it faster since it isn't first act right?

do you think i could trade the ibanez for a squier telecaster or some kind?

thanks in advance for ur help
aww come on...
not a single person knows if this is a good trade or not?