OK am I the only one who doesn't like Gibson guitars, I know they are really good quality but I just dont like the feel of the fretboard for some reason they seem kinda rough to me. I have tried different Les Pauls through out the years and i still dont like them. I know I dont have the best equipment and im no Joe Satriani but please tell me there is someone else out there who doesnt like them too..
Not the first, they have fairly big fretboards a lot of people don't like.

If the fretboard seems rough...might be bad guitars you're trying.
Don't like them either, ha ha maybe we could started a Gibson Haters Club!

I don't like Les Pauls they look class but i find the neck above the 12th fret gets awkward to play,

SG's and Explorers look class but don't like the way they play or feel,

My PRS is perfect tho, its an early Mark Tremonti model similar to a Les Paul in shape but the neck is skinny and easy to run up and down.
To each his own. I wish there were more people like you guys! Gibson wouldn't feel the necessity to hike their prices if there were haha
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I love Gibsons but I wouldn't buy one. Not because I'm not willing to spend the money, but because I know it won't be played as much as my main guitars. Once I got my Ibanez, something magical happened. It was love at first feel. It just feels so silky smooth and perfect compared to all other guitars. I also have an American Deluxe Strat, but since I got the RG, it only gets played once every few weeks. My next guitar will be another Ibanez Prestige and I don't think any other guitar will come close. Gibsons sound great but they don't suit my playing. I also have an Epi G-400 but it just doesn't compare to the other ones tonally for what I play. Mahogany and I do not get along. The scale length also feels wrong. But my next guitar after the FR will probably be a Flying V or a Les Paul Traditional.
I don't like them. Especially LPs.
They feel like guitars for midgets. Scale is too small, body takes up most of the fretboard space, and bends are too easy [give me 25.5 and make me work for it!].

But, I like my Arbiter LP Jr. Doublecut, as the neck has the greatest access ever. It's feels like a midget guitar somewhat, but it's better then a standard LP.
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Not at all. It's a personal choice. You have to go with the guitar that feels good to you that you will enjoy.
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Don't like them either, ha ha maybe we could started a Gibson Haters Club!

Im liking the idea but im not to sure that you would get more then 20 members.
please prove me wroung though

on topic, im not a fan of Gibson because of the playability, they dont suit me that well even though i prefer the larger necks. it might be because ive only been able to play a cople of LP studios so that could be the quality control problem i dont know
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I dont like gibsons because they dont really have many guitars for modern metal. Tonni Iommi used an sg and Ive seen some metal bands use lps somtimes, but other companies' versions of gibsons(esp's eclipse is one of my favorites) are just much better suited for metal.
thank god im not the only one in the world, I thought I was crazy or something lol. Good to know there are more people like me. I love my Kramer vangaurd and I Just purchased the schecter gryphon which I wont be able to play till I get out of Iraq. Although my vandetta is here and keeping me company till I get home to my real babies lol. and count me in on that gibson haters club lol rock on peoples
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No def not crazy I don't really like most Gibsons that much either. 'cept for maybe Explorers-ish. I much prefer the Strat/super Strat body style, or the Iceman shape. Also, most Gibsons just don't feel right to me
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My appoligies, I didnt know there were other threads. Im here in Iraq and dont get much time on the internet, I'll make sure to look next time. It was just pondering my mind when I was on a convoy the other day. Sorry about that
Cant stand them, They are overrated chunks of mahogany, if I had one again, again I would sell it and get a better guitar or 2 or 3.
its all personal preference, though my old gibson sg supreme was a sweet peice of guitar, but they are not for everyone

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I just got a used Gibson explorer and it is great. I used to hate Gibson for their prices and because the necks were "too big" or "awkward." I got over that though and now I'd rather not play Jackson/Ibanez because the bigger neck feels better. It took a while to be able to sweep and stuff but I can play as fast or faster on my Explorer than my SL4. They're both painted necks and neckthru/set neck. In the end it's all preference.
As far as the price thing I have to agree. I'll never buy another Gibson, unless I was to hit it big. I'll be content playing mine and getting some ESP's that'll have most of the feature's I want already. Like an ESP Eclipse with a FR is half the price of a Gibson Les Paul with one...lame.
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i dont really like them, i think they are really overrated
all their models seem too standard and overpriced, like 22 frets and same pups just different shapes.
now they are trying to catch up with the times with shred guitars and reverse models...wtf?
i just dont know what people see in them, and you can get much better gear for the money nowadays
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