Right, so I've gotten into a lot of blues recently, and was wondering if there's any good EQs for blues. Right now, on the amp I've got the bass at around 2:30, mids around 12, and treble around 10:30. On the bass I've got the front volume pretty high and the back volume pretty low. The onboard EQ is set at the middle setting, and there's a little tone from the tone knob. So I've got a nice bassy sound, but that's really it.
I find the best blues tones are always quite thumpy so I'd say use a p bass and roll the tone off slighty. On your amp boost the bass slightly and cut the treble slighty. Adjust your mids to taste and use your preamp gain knob to give it a small amount of grit to add to the lo-fi old school sound.

Obviously this is entirely subjective and some people will have a different idea of what makes a good blues tone.
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