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Get a bass amp[undecided]
0 0%
Get a new head[ Carvin v3]
2 100%
Buy some pedals[Possibly a delay/verb]
0 0%
Voters: 2.
I come seeking the opinions of the GG&A forum regarding what my next purchase should be. Laely I've been getting bored of my Crate head, might just give it to my brother. Been thinking about the v3 for a while. But also I have been meaning to getting a bass amp considering I bought a bass a few months ago. And another thought creeping in my head has been to get some modulation pedals for some fun.

NOTE: I'm just looking for a little guidance, not someone to make a decision for me.

Also play nice, children.

EDIT: I play mostly Chimaira-esque stuff, but I occasionly like to rock out with some Led Zeppelin.
BC Rich Deluxe Series Warlock
Schecter Devil Custom

Crate GX900-h w/ GX412S cab

Boss NS-2
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