Can you buy them small/portable sized? Like a tuner or something?

Will they let you take one on a plane?
Yes, they are usually very small and will fit in your pocket. Just grab a decent Korg metronome and you're set.


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Back when I was a kid, metronomes took up an entire room. And they could only go up to 6bpm.
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December 14, 2017
Yeah,metronomes and planes= bad idea
There are certain chemical components inside metronomes that when at high altidues,can spontanioulsy combust.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
just buy a Korg tuner with a metronome in it. Just dont use it on the plane. Theyll think its a bomb and shoot you, which isnt fun.
the most expensive ones are pretty big and have a ton of options, bute the cheap ones are the size of a tuner
unless you fancy a spell in the scrubs taking anything electronic on a plane is a bad idea, including mobile phones and stuff, they tend to not be too friendly when you cause a plane crash with your microwave radiation.

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