My last pice on here got locked, oh well, here's one more for the kids. Just something I started a little while back and just got around to finishing.

You Lied Where I Lay

I took a train ride to the southside of wherever I was
Could've been anywhere but it doesn't matter much
Cause what caught my eye on that train wasn't outside
but in my brain
where all my secrets lay
I thought about my days as a wanderer
wondered if i'd stay if I had that game to play
my mind it touched on certain subjects
I certainly hope no one was harmed in my attempt to love
what made me put myself at risk for such a hopeless schoolboy crush?
and why would I do it again?
and again
and again
I know it isn't love
but again
It isn't love

I was on a boat, you were traveling by plane
I can't recall the destination but I guess it's all the same
Cause the waves took me by storm, instead of the shore
they were in my head
where my troubles rest
And I noticed something about problems
Probably safe to say, they're here to stay
my mind reflects on misadventures
This adventure in the end brought me no closer to love
Why did I decide to go all in knowing they'd all call my bluff?
so why do I even play this hand?
and again
You know it never wins
but again
I never win

And I know you could be anywhere by now
You probably are
You could be living in a room right down the hall
It's still too far
Even if your living room was my front yard
Or you set up camp on the back lawn
You'd still be no closer than those stars
I spent my nights in vain wishing upon

So why would I do it again?
and again
and again
It was never love
but again
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man, I really need to check this more often... thanks, even if you don't get back to it
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