I need to know what would be the best scales to learn for playing blues/metal/metalcore/hardcore and the best scales to learn how to solo

If you could PLEASEEE put them in order would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Whatever type of music you want to play I'd say start with the Major scale - pretty much every other scale you'll ever used is derived from the major scale, so understand that and the others will come a lot easier.

1. Understand the major scale
2. Learn how the natural minor scale is related to the major scale
3. Learn the major and minor pentatonic (they are just 5 notes each of the major and natural minor scales)
4. Then learn the variations - blues scale, harmonic/melodic minor etc

What scale you solo with will depend on the chord progression you're soloing over - which is why you need to understand the scales, so you can identify when it is appropriate to use them.
Learn as much as you can about the major scale. Everything in western music relates to that.

Modes are just major scales where you alter the root note (includes natural minor). Most other scales involved altering just 1 or 2 notes of the major scale, or removing some (pentatonic).

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well you should learn the major scale first regardless of the genre you want to play. Then maybe the blues, pentatonic blues, and major pentatonic. The minor scales tend to require a little more know-how (theory). Learn those scales and work on fluently switching between them....then go on to minor scales, but you should really take some classes where someone can teach you theory before you start on those.
I'd first I'd say these...

Natural Minor
Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic

Then these...

Blues Scale
Country Scale

And if you want to go mad...

Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor