Hey guys i just recently got home from work eager as a beaver to have a good ol jam session. but when i turned on my amp and started playing i could immediately hear this gravelly loud noise i messed around with the amp, nothing wrong there. I played around with all the volumes on my guitar and that and then checked the lead to see there was no damage and there wasnt. i then plugged in my other guitar and it worked perfectly.

so if you guys have had any experiences with this or any help you could give me that would me extremely appreciated.

Check the screw in which the lead goes in. Once on my guitar it made some funny rattling noices and I just fixed that hole thingy and it became clear.
if ur guitar has actives then that is a sure sign that the battery is dying...
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Ah ok, yes i do have actives and i havent changed the battery in about 6 months
take it to a shop and get them to check inside the guitar. Thats what happened to my Stagg, something went lose and they used a solder on it and now it works.
Replace your pickup batteries.

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