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Is it correct that you can't get a fuzzy tone with the deluxe strat, but you can with the Std, isn't the Std a better quality guitar that will last a lot longer?
Well both guitars are great quality, The Deluxe Player's is one of the more expensive Mexican mades, while the Standard American is, er, pretty much a standard american made.

What is your budget? Because if you're going for a Fender Strat, then what you should do is eliminate all the guitars that are too expensive (what is your budget, Kayo?), then you read up on the remaining candidate guitars and read up on their specs, and finally you just go to the store and play them to see what feels and sounds right to you.
Well my budget.. it depends I know have like around 750 euro's, but I've got a summer job, so I can save some money and increase my budget. The Fender Deluxe is 760 euro's. The Fender Std is 995 euro. I'd say my budget is around 300 - 800 euro. (I'm also looking at the Squier Classic Vibe 60's for 300 euro). I'd say maximum i wanna spend is 800 euro, but I'd like to keep my budget low and have some money left, but if there's a great difference in quality and tone between the 300 euro Squier CV's and the Fender deluxe, I'd go for the more expensive one. Also I didn't mention that I really digg Jimi Hendrix and that's the sound I wanna get out of my guitar.
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Depends what you value more, features or quality.

The American Standard will be better build quality and uses higher quality woods, hardware etc. It'll hold tune better, it'll sustain longer, often (but not always) they don't even need a set up, they're good right off the shelf. It's downfall is that it's got no special features, it's just a basic Strat.

The MIM Deluxe Player Strat is made with lower quality parts and won't be put together as nicely, but it does have more features (except for frets - the Am Standard has 22 frets, the Deluxe Players has 21). It has Vintage Noiseless pickups which are... well actually they don't sound vintage and they're not very noiseless, I've got one in my Tele and actually the regular neck singlecoil has less excess noise than the 'noiseless' bridge pickup (even though the neck isn't shielded either and the bridge is properly grounded + shielded). So I really can't recommend them, you'd want to swap them out for something else. On the upside, swapping out pickups means even more versatility from the guitar since you'll be able to pick pickups to suit your playing style and amp. Of course it also has the switch to include the bridge pickup at any time so you get two tones you can't normally get in a Strat - all three pickups together and neck + bridge.
It's also worth noting that the MIM Deluxe Player's Strat has an ash body, while the Am Standard has an alder body (except the Sienna Burst finish, which is also ash). Ash is a denser wood than alder, which means it weighs a bit more, it has a slightly brighter tone and it sustains longer.

If it was me, I'd be getting the American Standard. I think build quality isn't something you should compromise on - electronics and hardware can always be changed, but the basic body and neck can't (if you did change the body and neck... well that's just called buying a whole new guitar). I think buying the Am Standard, which has better basic build, is smarter than buying the MIM Deluxe for it's few extra tone options that you could put in an Am Standard anyway for next to nothing.
However, I think a good in-between are the other Deluxe series guitars. I've got the Deluxe Lone Star (HSS) and it's pretty great - there's also the Roadhouse version (SSS) which is equally good. They're nice guitars right off the shelf which don't really need upgrading. There's also the Deluxe Power Strat which has a fishman power bridge, so the tuning stability is a little better and you can blend almost acoustic tones in with any of the existing tones (or use just the acoustic sound). These guitars all cost a bit more than the Deluxe Player Strat but a bit less than the Am Standard, and I think their extra features make them good, worthwhile compromises.

You should also notice that the Standard Strat you linked to in your original post is actually the Mexican Standard, not the American Standard

EDIT: I only just saw what you said about the Hendrix tone. Well, you'll only get that tone if you have an amp like his too, but with that said, the guitar that will get you closest to that tone and feel will be the Am Standard. It's basic and because of the cost you'd have to keep it stock for now, but so were Jimi's Strats. A good, basic Strat into a fuzz box, octavia, wah and cranked Marshall is how you get Jimi's sound.
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I have a DLP's strat, and for the most part, I love it. Listen to^ about the pups, I eventually will change them, but it really is a good guitar. Mine is perfectly set up for me, and works very well. Of course, the American is of higher quality and has that extra fret, BUT the Mexican Strats aren't built badly by any means. It'll last just as long if you take care of it. The American will have more resale value if you decide to sell it down the road, but the Mexican is obviously less expensive. The American trem system is built better; I have to tune mine every few days, and if someone plays with the trem a lot or your friend screws with the tuning, you'll be very frustrated with him by the time you get it back in tune. That's my main issue with my guitar is the trem. Also, the tuners on the American are better made. Either one you get, you want to buy some straplocks for it quick.
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