Hey I have an acoustic guitar that when I plug in and record through the computer, will have some distortion. The distortion increases when I increase the volume or any EQ (eg bass, treble) setting. This doesn't happen on my electric amp. Anybody know how I can fix this? I sure would like to be able to change the EQ when recording.

No, it's not the battery.

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uhhh, do you have a sound card?
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You need a direct box. Search for them in Musiciansfriend.com. It's necessary because when you plug a guitar directly into a pc the line levels aren't the same and they need to be in order for your sound card to process the data correctly and give you a nice clean sound. The direct box takes the signal from the guitar and alters it so that it's at the same level that the pc needs.
Warning! If you should try to plug in an active electric straight to the pc you could fry your sound card, or mother board, or both.
The type of pickup used on your electric guitar is different to the type on your acoustic. This can also contribute to the reason why it distorts.