Warning: Small Parts
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pretty good, not my style but good anyway

kinda haunting.
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The intro is great, simple yet very nice. I like the way one guitar carries on the motive while the others play around with different melodies (Intro/verse). There is a very nice change of character from the intro to the first verse: The intro sounds very nostalgic, almost haunting, and the verse and followup sound very dreamy. Also the transition from the dreamy verse to the more upbeat chorus is very nice, great contrast.

The interlude is great, develops nicely, with a nice buildup at the end.

All in all, a great sound. You've obviously worked hard on it. I personally would change a few of the notes in the outtro, but that's just personal taste and style, it sounds fine as it is.
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As I listen:

The intro sounds like something straight from a Death Cab for Cutie song. I guess that's okay if that's what you were going for. The layering was a good idea though and works effectively. The verse is fine the way it is too.

The follow up section was very effective. The time signature change was smooth and the layers helped serve as a great buildup to the chorus. The chorus finally got to the peak of the excitement. I like the tremolo picked parts. I would suggest a little more going on with the bass, but not too much. Probably a couple of fills would suffice.

The break was nice and very relaxing to kinda let things settle. The interlude was good. Again, you did well changing time sigs and the layering was effective. I would say that the section drags on too long but the drums save it really. I kept hearing these little differences as the song progressed, so that was very well done.

My way... section was definitely my favorite part of the song. Very well done. The long wait in the buildup finally paid off and it came to a fantastic end. Nice idea on the fadeout.

For a long song, there really wasn't much to complain about. It's a really solid song.
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This is ridiculous... 272 bars and I can't find a single flaw in any of them. Very nice work. 10/10.