Hi guys.
I've recently got into playing into a lot of metal, but I'm not a big fan of the metal presets on my amp (Numetal and US High Gain), and feel that I can't get a proper good metal sound.
Obviously this is down to me using a Telecaster, but I'm getting a Schecter C1 Classic next month which will improve the metal tone by a large margin (Seymour JB!). However, I've still got my heart set on a metal pedal, which I would just run through the Vox's clean settings (Black 2X12 or the Tweed 4X10). So basically, I'd love some advice on a good metal pedal, around the £50 mark new, or maybe something good I can pick up secondhand on ebay.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Nah man, with metal, play on what you're comfortable with as far as guitar goes. Go and try out some pedals, maybes something like a digitech grunge or something will go well. A lot of people talk **** about them, but they just don't know how to eq a pedal.
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I have had both, Death Metal one and I am currently the owner of the Metal Muff, I can surely say that Metal Muff is way better than DM one. Haven't tried it out live yet, but Death Metal produced a lot of unwanted feedback, but so far, on band practices, Metal Muff tends to produce a lot less feedback than DM one.

But again, if you can, test them before buying, I'm voting for Metal Muff on this one