would you approve if you went to your local pub/club and the cover band played these songs:

whiskey in the jar - metallica
all my life - foo fighters
walk this way - aerosmith
livin on a prayer - bon jovi
wish you were here - pink floyd
hotel california - eagles
life in the fast lane - eagles
knockin on heavens door - gnr version
dolphins cry - live
black or white - michael jackson
give it away - RHCP
it's been a while - staind
panama - Van halen
blow up the pokies - the whitlams
Soundgarden - blackhole sun
even flow - pearl jam
dont change - grinspoon
Show me how to live - audioslave

Not being played in that order but yeah.

i play with an awesome singer/guitarist who can pretty much play anything and played many gigs, a drum teacher with 20 years xp and over 300 gigs played (or so he says), a bass player with little experience and im the other guitarist who's pretty much the same. Were are doing it for monay. Plus we are also going to break songs up, instrumental sections, and have fun while doing it.
yeah well were gettin money for it. im not concerned with what im playing, personally i like all the songs up there.

i do agree with boring and cliche. we are going to play to general public so yeah. what ever gets us cred.
Yeah looks like a good setlist...but its very very diverse...this could be both good and bad...
The gear:

* Epiphone Les Paul Custom
* Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 String
* Fender Squier P Bass
* Blackstar Stage HT-60
* Original Crybaby
* EHX Small Clone
* Boss DD-3
Sweet. Everybody loves to hear a classic when they're out drinking. Have fun.
Actually, i think its pretty good. I don't know what you could play that people wouldn't consider cliche. Do cigarettes and alcohol by oasis, perfect for a bar.