Hey there guys, tonight i encounterd a problem i have been having with playing.
On saturday i am going to pick up my new jackson V and i want to play some Kreator in drop D tuning.
But tonight i realized that when i speed pick i tend to tilt my thumb up and have the pick strike the string diagonly, is that normal / ok?? am i doing something wrong?
Also, i have trouble playing fast lead lines, i tend to overpick to much if you get what i mean, picking to fast and playing extra notes pretty much.
play everything slowed down a while and count the beats. Slowly build speed
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In order for you to get the best picking speed you can, the pick must be at an angle, so that's not the reason you're over picking. If you're still kind of a beginner then it should be normal for you to over pick, and control comes with practice. You don't really need to worry. Just take the occasion when you're playing something simple to make sure you're picking it correctly and note over picking so it doesn't become a nasty habit.
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Tilting your pick diagonally does make it extremely easier for fast playing. It's almost necessary (there are other methods) for sweep picking. You get a brighter tone out of picking horizontally though, making it more cumbersome to pick out fast passages. Control just comes with time and practice. Try practicing with a metronome.