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baptism.rebirth.uglybluebird. (a roadtrip)
iced down the tires and we set about the rubber map,
each roadway fluid and poised to stretch.
alex sings along to the a.m. channels,
and alex sings the prettiest songs, in the worst keys,
warbling at higher speeds, and when the frequency releases its last note,
alex hums the static, and i dance along, man, i dance the whole night through.
alex keeps polaroids in the trunk, of everything we've ever loved,
our families, the snowfall, dead autumns, and graffiti walls, he hides them from me,
he knows i can't see them yet, or i might turn around,
and we're not even close to there. alex knows we're going somewhere.
alex counts the yellow lines, and tells me fairy tales in the blistered pines,
of the western coast. he sings me lullabies in the gold of california glows,
and alex drinks from a flask, that he gladly shares, but
meticulously cleans before sipping again. in the arizona deserts,
alex stirs the dust. alex retrives a polaroid of the most gorgeous elm tree,
you and i have ever seen, and he places it in the brambles,
he turns beauty into shambles, and carefully measures his steps back to the car,
and to this day, i'm sure, that tree still sits in its perch,
encouraging a cactus to be a better cactus, and lizards to flee to the grasslands,
alex has that kind of magic, and when we reached it, whatever it was,
in the middle of nowhere, in the dank and rust, alex handed me the shovel,
and the pictures and the pistol, and he said to me, with a tongue unplagued
by decency or brevity, "you love your family. you love your home, and your radio,
you love the sound of alice's footsteps, and the new year, but
you'll have to live there, in the nothing, every night, alone,
and i don't belong, and you can't go back until i'm gone, so do it."
and i beat alex so fucking dead that night, that i've been washing the blood
from my knuckles ever since, i broke him so good, that i made it so he never existed,
and the nights are easier without him there, but the sunrises just don't fill me up anymore.
please don't stop posting, you're one of the few writers on here I read religiously. If you stopped, i'd have to e-stalk you, get your e-mail and make you e-mail all your pieces to me.
I don't know why you bother posting here anymore either, your writing has gone way beyond this forum. By all means if this is just a hobby then continue posting, but there are only a few people on here who could be of much help to you as criitics. If you're serious about your poetry though, do something about it. Get it out there. Throw some pages off the empire state building, maybe they'll land in the right hands.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
hey, please don't stop writing. your writing is amazing and you're one of the few writers i search for if they're not on the front page.
This had the consistency of thought that is sometimes missing from your pieces. When you can manage to do that your writing is gold. I loved it.

And if you left, we'd be stuck reading Zach's pieces.

I thought until the end that Alex was female.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
Knew this was coming.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

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