I'm learning the Natural Minor Scale and the Major Scale and I'm wondering if you can use them for Blues(-Rock) or if there are other scales for that music..?
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Major pentatonic is just the Major scale with the 4th and 7th omitted, minor pentatonic is just the natural minor scale with the 2nd and 6th omitted - so if you know your major and minor scales, you pretty much know your pentatonics too.

If you want it to sound more bluesy add a b5 (blue note) into your minor pentatonic scale.
Also you can use both major & minor pentatonic from the same root, so for blues in A you could use A major pentatonic & A minor pentatonic. This is very common, the solos in crossroads are a famous example of it. Mixolydian is used often in blues/rock too. Learn to play some blues rock solos as well, going straight to the source is probably the most effective way of learning, even better if you take the time to transcribe & analyze them yourself
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