hey, im looking to trade my digitech grunge pedal. its working perfect condition, ill even send it with a power supply (digitech pedals come separate without power supply), its a great pedal, it can get anywhere from a small amount of dirt or a ****load of distortion, wether your playing blues, or metal. a pedal is a pedal, its dubbed the name "grunge pedal" but you could really play anything with it, and its a great pedal, what am i looking for in return? well this pedal is $40 brand new, its not expensive, and im not ganna lie and say it is, $40 brand new, power supply's are like $15 new, so all in all the brand new price is depreciated, and who wants to pay for a power supply? :P
im just looking for a cheap wah, must be working, PM me thanks.
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