I have a Vox Tonelab Le and wanted to pick up some studio monitors to use when I don't feel like using headphones. I live in an apartment complex so really don't need an amp at this time. Would a small set of studio monitors sound half way decent with the Tonelab. I was looking at AV40 and KRK Rokit 2.5. Anyone have any experience with these or any other advice. I tried hooking up to my computer speakers but the speaker broke up way too much.
I was looking at getting some KRK's because they sound great and I ended up buying some M-Audio BX5a's ... they sound as good and cost way less, I would recommend them, I've been using them for 2 years now and they sound great and are powered themselves so you dont need an amp.
How much do you want to spend? If your on a tight budget the Samson lineup sound great and are great buys, I have an 1st generation Resolvs active monitors and they sound great for what I paid for them, they are flat, and the midrage is very detailed, and the Treble is not overly harsh.
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KRK's are great, so are the m audio BX5a's, and AV40's aren't necessarily as good, but for what you spend they're a good deal, if you dont feel like spending tons on monitors.

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