I don't know, it might be cliche, but yeah. My friends have been listening to ADTR like nonstop and I decided to write a song that can fit that sort of genre. All true story type deal, so yeah it is real. The capitals are those neato punk-gang shout thing. The intro is meant to be silly and robotic, people just saying those things over and over as a fade in. The title is an inside joke, every time I see rabbits something bad happens, based on the amount of rabbits.

(School. Work. Kiss. Wife. House. Kids. Live. Die.)

I used to suppress it all,
built an axiom upon lies.
There is a difference
between wants and desires.

I used to suppress it all,
but now I'm LIB-ER-A-TED.


We used to play this little straight edge game,
but then you betrayed me and it hurt so much.
You drank and f--(sexed) some boyfriend
even though I told you that's all wanted.

A whine to a friend
response: you're overreacting
A scream in my head
response: you're overrated

We finally work up the guts to have a conversation,
but it just ends up me being condescending.
I offer up, "I'm only mad because I love you."
She appreciates it, but wants to be let to grow up.

Late night. Lonely. Holding a pillow. Or is the pillow holding me? I have to talk.
Nobody responds. Sit up and wait. Pass out. Phone shakes. Late night texts.

This is a lie,
I know I want it.
Though the ideal
is to be married.
I know I want it.
How am I not myself?
How am I not myself?
I'm myself not until I'm liberated.

I realized that I was lying the whole time,
I blamed it on me not being perfect,
instead of liking to drink and smoke weed.
I can't blame them either, we hurt so good.

You have a choice,
I can't construct your life.
"It isn't like we're going out,"
but now in my dreams we're broken up.
Lord Gold feeds from your orifices and he wants to see you sweat.
Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
Now say his name.....