Pretty cool man. It is a very solid cover with only one setback. It sounds like you didn't lay down the click track first since you're not playing with drums. So while the recording is in time, in some random parts throughout the song, all three instruments are at slightly different tempos. Maybe this was your desired effect; if so, then awesome it's perfect. The vocals are really good on this one btw, not pitchy or strained at all. It's probably just my crap computer speakers but I couldn't really hear the bass, so I can't comment on it. The keyboard is good, just seems a bit choppy in some parts, but it flows with the song pretty good.

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You are totally right about not using a click track...I did that basically the day I started playing keys, so I recorded that first and tried to play along with it. It was a pain to try to play the bass especially with the mixed tempos on the keyboards. If I did it again, I'd definitely need a click track. I can hear the bass almost too much if I listen through good speakers or headphones, but through my laptop speakers it is too quiet. Since I don't play bass much, I erred on the side of too quiet I guess. Thanks for the crit.
I have some nice headphones on, and the bass is slightly loud. And you should of had some sort of backing track to stay on time, otherwise it was great, you included more than enough instruments.