I have had two. In the first one, I was looking at the top ten singles chart thingie, and Tv on the Radio songs were numbers one and two and Animal Collective had a song at number three. In my other dream, David Bowie was giving one of my friends a blowjob. Wait, maybe that one wasn't a dream...
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I love you!

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You live in Australia.

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awesome. I wish I could remember my dreams
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dwelling on past mishaps is for the weak. you must stride into the future, unabashed and prepared to fuck up yet again.
Last night i dreamed that Lemmy came into my house and ate the last bit of lemon cheesecake in my fridge. Thank god it was only a dream.
Steven Tyler made me breakfast in one of my dreams
"One does not walk into Vatican City with one's ass hanging out."
Me playing a ballad for a girl.
It's not that weird, I just don't have many music related dreams.
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
it was a crazy dream i had.......i was a rockstar.....famous.....sold a bunch of records.....etc etc.....then when i was on stage....i got shot just like dimebag.....it was crazy.......i was like....o ****.....