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In an attempt to try and broaden my composition resources I decided to try and compose something a bit doomy. It sounds a little like My Dying Bride or Hanging Garden I think.

Anyway, just to fill you in: It is composed for my skill level, which is why you may find it quite simple, especially the guitar solo. (I've only been playing a while). I'm no good at programming drums so it's pretty generic stuff in there. And it's designed to be sung over so some parts can get repetitive. I've made a shoddy guitar recording of it if anyone's interested in hearing it.

Anyway, any comments are appreciated, as well as any tips you might have for composing this kinda stuff. If you link me your thread I will C4C.

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As I listen:

To start off, some of your string chords and the acoustic guitar arpeggios clash, which is really distracting, so fix those sour notes. Also, put some snare in the drum part starting at 33. It's a good section though, very haunting. The piano was a nice touch too. The riff at 58 doesn't really fit and disrupts the flow and the overall feel of what you had before. It's a good riff and I think you should save it for a later part of the song.

The guitar solo needs to be improved. Add some more interesting rhythms, or maybe a repeating lick or two. The key change afterwards was rough too. Find a way to modulate back to the key before.

The acoustic bit at 110 was very well done. The piano solo was great. Just try to do something like that on the guitar solo. Instead of going back to the main riff, you should work your way towards the riff at 58. It'll probably flow better, and then you can make your way back to the main riff.

Your main issue is organization. You seem to run out of ideas whenever you make the rough transition back to the main riff, and you should really make it flow better. None of your riffs were bad, it was just poorly put together in a lot of places. Work on that and you'll be fine.
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