Alright, so I'm pretty new at this whole guitar thing ( started when I was 11, stopped at 12, and picking it back up again ).

I could play the intro to sanitarium, and i could play rot by dry kill logic. Thats about it. Except for some of the riffs from MOP. I also made this; http://extremefilmsproductions.com/accousticsong.mp3

My brother plays in the band clenchfist, ( Nate Theo ), and used to be in a group called damascus
www.purevolume.com/damascustherealband , so I'm used to being around good guitarist, and understand how to practice.

I used to have an Ibanez RG120, which felt great, and sounded great, for the price. Lately, I've been looking at getting another guitar. Right now I'm looking at a B.C. Rich Warlock, mid 90's. My brother said he hated warlocks. I have the chance to get one with a lunchbox amp for $200, in like-new condition, with new strings, and i already have a case that it will fit in. What do you guys think about the Warlock?

Also, is there anyway to subscribe to a thread.
I don't like the warlock one's, you might want to look to an ibanez or an ltd.
...and subscribing?
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Warlocks are generally a bad idea unless you are Motley Crue, but I doubt that. As for subscribing to a thread, there is a way but I don't know. take that to the new members forum, they will know.

Next question anyone?
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Mmm, there's a "Stick for me!" button at the top of the original post, maybe that's it, couldn't tell. On your question, avoid that Warlock. They are usually terrible guitars, and the fact that they're throwing a free "lunchbox" amp in the deal shouldn't make you more willing to buy it. That amp won't add anything, if anything it will make your sound worse. Your best option would be to save up a few bucks and get a decent guitar with a small practice amp that you like, not one that is thrown in as part of a deal (a deal with a Warlock, no less).

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