^nonsense! Who practices?
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fulltone Clyde Standard wah

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watch some kiddy porn thats what gave him inspiration. AHHH I MEAN PRACTISE
My Gig Rig...

Fender Straocaster or Gibson Les Paul Slash Special -->Lovepedal Amp 50 --> Boss DD-3 --> Crybaby(soon to be Wh10 reissue) --> Big Muff PI --> Boss DS-2 --> Marshall JCM 900
And Beat It has much more of a pronounced guitar part, so it'd be preferable to start there for Michael Jackson stuff (talking purely 80s-black era jackson here).
OH GOD NO...please please please lets not have any Michael F*****G Jackson here. Maybe we should make this a haven away from all that bollocks. Little did I believe that I would be saying I preferred him when he was alive, at least I could generally pretend he didn't exist. And now he doesn't exist he's there in my face everywhere I look. Damn you MJ damn you!!!!