I went to folder on my computer named "Emulation Station" and broke out the ol' SNES emulator. I happened to find the SNES version of Dr. Mario and Tetris in one cartridge. I soon discovered that they made a minor change to both games. What they did was remove the limits to how far you could go that were in place on the NES and Game Boy versions of the game.

If you play 9-5 in Tetris, you get to keep going to 10-5 and so on. I made it to 16-5, and now I'm stuck

In Dr. Mario the Nintedo version won't let you go past level 24. In this one it keeps going on and on and keeps getting faster. I made it to level 62 where there are usually 96 viruses to destroy. If you compare it to HI level 20, things are much slower on HI 20, slow enough to make it seem like grandma mode. You also only have to deal with 84 viruses. It's been stuck on 96 for quite a while, so that seems to be the maximum. The games seem to be getting faster and faster, though.

Man, I know how you feel, I couldn't beat level one of Chip's Adventures.
Lord knows I'm weak, won't somebody get me off of this reef...
I havent played Dr Mario in so long, such a great game.
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