Well I'm getting 10 - 60 Dunlop Zakk Wylde strings put on my guitar and I'm wondering, apart from Drop B tuning, is it possible that I can play standard tuning with these?
Last time I tried, the strings seemed to get too tight around D.
So never risked the E but I'm wondering, is it possible?
i think thats why they also make a 46 set of those strings man.
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I've put 56's in standard and those were a little to thick, so I wouldn't try 60's.
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Well I won't try then but you think it would be okay for D tuning? ya know, D,G,C,F,A,D
Give it a go. It's unlikely to snap the neck off.

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I would say to have a guitar tech that is GOOD do it, so he can make all the right adjustments and all.
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Okay, well bloke in the shop has ALWAYS done my guitars and I trust him. So I might ask him about it, or look at buying another guitar just for different tunings. Thanks for all your help though